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KONG-Bonaiti is an old, but technologically advanced, Italian company, leader in the production of carabiners and a lot of other tools used for safety in climbing, rescue, caving, yachting and industrial works.

KONG s.p.a. started its production - where it is now - during 1977, but its history is much older, having rise in a mechanical workshop that Giuseppe Bonaiti set up in 1830 around Lecco - on Lake Como - with an engineering apparatus that was unusual for those times.

In that plant, together with other stuff, started the production of those carabiners which brought world-wide fame to Bonaiti company.

In 1977, within the context of a large scale reorganization, the company was named KONG and, with a capital of 2 million Euros, took place in the new factory of Monte Marenzo, with 12.000 sq. yards floor, a staff of about 70 workers, and new machinery in order to achieve higher production rates combined with a leading safety care.


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Recent Reviews

product image

There really isn't much to say, so I'll stick to the facts:

They're Simple, but effective
They're Strong (some of, if not THE strongest on the market)
They're colour coded for quick identification
in a set, they're excellent value!
They offer an excellent range of sizes

not much more to say sorry, they're just really nice to have on the rack, they fit cracks as well as any of the competitors, they're quick and easy to use...they're just Nuts really!

  • Simple
  • Strong
  • Good use of anodisation
  • Excellent value
  • limited availability (at the moment)
product image

Ok, so it's not as fancy as some of the competition (DMM Dragon Cams), but, once you get over your narcasistic 'sexy-gear' fetish, and start to look at functionality, I think you're going to quickly come around to find yourself interested in some of Kong's offerings.

Single Stem, Single Axle, spacious thumb loop (thats a +point over the affore mentioned competition), captive extendable sling, anodised in different colours for different sizes...what more do you need? nothing? well, thankfully, once Kong had completed the tick list of essential attributes, they kept going, and threw in Light Weight along with a beautifully smooth action, all together equalling one of the nicest single stem cams on the market!

Whilst their availability is still limited in the UK, it has been confirmed that it's going to get better throughout next year, so keep your eyes peeled for these

  • Smooth action
  • Good build quality
  • Good looks
  • Good value
  • Good design
  • Extendable sling
  • Good use of anodisation
  • Cheap (as these things go compared to cams)
  • Comfortable
  • limited availability (at the moment)
product image

There's a lot of choice of helmets on the market, and choosing the right one is often a case of finances, but sadly, the cheaper helmets are often quite uncomfortable.
The Kong Magic Helmet is an exception! This helmet fits beautifully, looks great, can be customised, both aesthetically and functionally...what more do you need?

So, about the hat. It's one of the Hybrid-style helmets, not as weak and fragile as the foam helmets which fill the light weight section of the market, but not as clumsy and loathsome as the old plastic or fiberglass hats either, the combination of a hard plastic shell, and additional internal foam padding in the crucial points balances weight and comfort with durability.

Able to take ear defenders, or radio-headsets, and the option for a visor, the helmet offers itself as an ideal option for all roped activities.
As far as attaching Headtorches is concerned, two plastic strap-clips at the front ensure the strap is firmly held, and an elastic rear strap allows even the most cumbersome of battery packs to be fitted

and with a sticker pack included with every helmet, the looks can be customised to suit your personality.

Kong has only recently become available in the UK, but you should soon be seeing these helmets rolled out across the country, and I seriously advise you, get out there and buy one!

  • Comfortable
  • Good value (cheap)
  • adaptable
  • Good looks
  • good Headtorch Mount
  • limited availability (at the moment)
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