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I bought this for a friend who seems to collect belay devices as a hobby, given that I climb with them most weeks it means that I've managed to give this particular device a good go.

Firstly, it is well made and feels solid and suitably heavy in the hand. The edges are nicely finished and there are no rough edges or burrs to snag or catch.

It's relatively easy to get to grips with though it took me a brief moment on the first try to work out the rope path and sort it out - not necessarily a reflection on the device, just the fact I am a bit simple at times.

In use it plays out well enough, though I found very thick ropes to be an issue and older (stiffer) ropes were quite hard to get through. At the other end, thinner ropes run through nicely but I felt there was an element of creep and I didn't feel it held as well as other devices.

Personally I'm not a fan of the device, while it works well in general and is certainly innovative I think it's heavier compared to other ATC type devices and more complicated in use - read not as intuitive. I feel that there's more of a 'knack' with this belay device, especially when playing out and other devices do it better - the Mammut SMART is a better auto locking device and generally outperforms this on most criteria.

  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable
  • Heavier than others
  • not as intuitive
product image

Affordable and have worked for me so far! Ideal for first climbing rack. Although hard to buy individually, (a pain if you plan on getting the them stuck or dropping them).

  • Good value (cheap)
  • Colour coded
product image

This was my first assisted belay device, and I still carry it with me when climbing. Even tho I now use the Grigri 2.
This is lighter and less likely to create belaying errors than the GriGri 2, only problem being it doesn't have the same rope size coverage

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