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About us

In short we wanted to create a service that would provide a breadth and depth of information in such an efficient package never seen before. We wanted to make the life of sports and outdoor enthusiast easier, so that you could find the products you’re interested in while using less time and money searching the right product and thus use your time as would love to, out there, doing what you love. is a crowd sourcing web service that is focused on sports- and outdoor product information. provides breadth and depth of information never seen before, thus enabling end-users to single out the best possible outdoor and sports product for themselves faster. The service functions on a crowd sourcing principle; the combined information from sources, such as brand owners and web stores, is refined by the expert community. The goal of the service is to combine the experiences of the most knowledgeable individuals around the globe and bring it to millions of users worldwide, thus helping the end-users to select the exactly right products for themselves.

  • Tribe = a group of people who have something in common such as an occupation, social background, or political viewpoint (Encarta dictionary)
  • Grapevine = the path of communication along which news, gossip, or rumor passes unofficially from person to person within a group, organization, or community (Encarta dictionary)
  • Vine = a plant that supports itself by climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface (Encarta dictionary) is founded by five long term internet professionals with a vast experience base starting from 1994. Most of us have lived through the entire evolution of the web. The founders are Juho Risku, Riku Karjalainen, Ossi Karhunen, Mikko Hopia and Ville Jurkkala.

How Tribevine works

The back bone of our system is the crowd edited product information database. We get the initial set of data from brand owners which is then refined by our users. As a part of this refining process we get to see users' relation to products and activities, information which is then used to match the products with the users that are interested in those.

As it isn't exactly free to provide such service and develop it, we also re-package the information into non identifiable market research information; non identifiable, in terms of personal information and individual contributors; and sell it to the brand owners as monthly subscriptions.

Partner with us

Would you like to partner with the most knowledgeable individuals, of your field of business, around the globe? Contact us. T-shirts

Tribevine t-shirt shopThe t-shirt shop has been opened. This is the beginning; we're going to publish many fancy designs shortly. Suggestions are welcome. Go and check it out! Besides all the profits (about 5€ per shirt) will be given to some good cause. We don't yet know what the cause will be, but we're open for suggestions. :-) Most likely we're sponsoring either preserving mountain nature or some small local project.

Win free gear

Win Free Gear!

It's very simple, you contribute your knowledge of gear in form of reviews, product details, new products etc. and we reward the best knowledge. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • 1) Sign-up
  • 2) Contribute your knowlede
    - Produt reviews
    - Ratings and thumbs
    - Missing details
    - New products, brands, tribes, shops
  • 3) Be one of the first to hit the targets
    - High quality reviews
    - Detailed products
    - Invited and signed up users
  • 4) Stand out the crowd
    - Better score
    - Better quality contributions
    - Active invited friends
    - Better feedback
  • 5) Get loads of free gear

So, what are you waiting for? , start contributing and get the free gear now! More information about prizes and the full competition rules are here.

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