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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How got founded?

A few years ago we, a group of long term internet professionals, got together to discuss web service concepts that we would like to build. All of us had been with startups and wanted to get into that exciting life again. It was a huge surprise to most of us; we came up with an idea that made us want to change our lives and work with a topic that had been our passion; extreme sports. It was clear that there was a need for better product information and as we wanted to spend our time in the wilderness, not searching through net; it had to be done a lot more efficiently and in more focused manner compared with what else is out there. We figured we could do it, we figured we could change our lives and the life of the whole community in the process; we decided to run for it and here we are.

Who are the people behind is founded by five long term internet professionals with a vast experience base starting from 1994. Most of us have lived through the entire evolution of the web. We have been fortunate enough though to have life outside the net as well – that's why got founded.  The founders are Juho Risku, Riku Karjalainen, Ossi Karhunen, Mikko Hopia and Ville Jurkkala.

What makes different?

The information relevance, it's tailored to the needs of yours, the ease of use, the breadth and depth of information and our service attitude. If we don't have the information you need, we will go for it. We will talk to brand owners, we will talk to our friends (and there are quite a bit of them) and we will search for it by ourselves. is not just another job for us, it's our passion. We have a genuine interest to this information by ourselves.

The current beta

What is the focus of this open beta?

The principal focus of this phase of open beta is to expand and refine the quality of content in the service. In addition to expanding and refining it by ourselves, we're focusing on how to get you, end users, contributing. In fact, one of the principal means of improving content is to expand the user base as well. We appreciate the help you're providing. In addition to content expansion, we're fixing bugs (yes, there are quite a few of them still left) and introducing new, from the end user perspective, valuable functionality into the service (yes, we have plenty of unique functionalities in development).

Beta, what does that mean?

It means that the feature set is limited, it means, even though we've done our best to ensure a bug free experience, that everything will not work as expected and it means that there will be plenty of changes. On the other hand, it's a good thing. The service will be developed actively; there will be plenty of new features that will make your life easier and the most important of all, we're very receptive to any feedback we'll get from you.

So what kind of things there are under development?

In short many. To give a somewhat more precise idea of the near-term features that we're trying to implement, here are a few examples:

* New discussions system - The main idea of the new discussion system is to ease up cross topic discussions, and allow users to define the products, activities etc. that relates to the discussion. This will ease up finding the discussions and allows for instance such scenarios where certain discussion relates to several products or instead of products to the certain category of products.

* Review improvements - We're going to add a few more detail fields into reviews, so that it's easier for users to read and create them. An example of what we mean is the list of the strengths and weaknesses of a certain product. Reviewing will be faster, more precise and more fun.

* Pricing and purchase location imports - We're building a system that could automatically collect pricing information as well as the purchase locations of the products from certain web sources. The idea is that you get to rate the stores and see their prices on items you're interested in. As a result, you'll know in addition to "what", "where from".

* Search improvements - We're further enhancing the search algorithm and enabling the search of new types of items, such as reviews and discussion items. Furthermore, we're going to implement advanced search filters and alternative sorting of results. Search filters will allow you to define, for instance, a weight range of products, you're interested in.

How do you inform about the improvements and changes?

All the major changes, including improvements, will be announced at the time the user logs in. The system recognizes the last time you were logged in and if there has been major changes an information dialog describing the changes will be shown. As said it shouldn't bug you unless there's new information. If it does, please let us know and we'll fix it.

The brands and products

Why there's no brand xyz in the service?

It might be that we haven't yet been able to contact the brand owner in question or it might be that we haven't yet had the time to import any of their information yet. You can change that; create a new brand and enjoy watching your score go up. If you'd rather like us to do it, send a feedback and we'll do our best to include the brand and its products in our service. You can also help by requesting the brand owner in question to submit their brand information and products to our service.

Why there's no product xyz in the service?

It might be that we haven't yet been able to contact the brand owner of the product. Alternatively, it might be that we or any of our users haven't yet had the time to import or create the product in question. You can change that; create a new product and enjoy watching your score go up. If you'd rather like us to do it, send a feedback and we'll do our best to include the product you're interested in. You can also help by requesting the brand owner in question to submit their brand information and products to our service.


What does the score means?

Score reflects the value of your contributions from the community point of view. The score grows as you contribute and as others confirm the value of your contributions. The value of your contributions is also dependent on users who value your contributions, i.e. the opinion of a higher level user has a greater effect.

What does the level means?

The level reflects your level of expertise on given activity. Higher level means more influence within the tribes and products related to the activity. With a higher level, your opinion also affects the score accumulation of other users whose contributions you value.

What does the traction means?

Traction is a figure, in scale of zero to ten, of how desirable a certain product, brand or shop is, based on other users' opinion, in relation to other products, brands or shops to you. The purpose of the traction is to give with a fast glance measure for easy comparisons. While the principle is simple, the actual calculation is somewhat more complex. Traction is dependent on several attributes. For instance, what kind of users gave their opinions affects to it. In case of a tribe, the traction reflects the popularity of it in relation to others.

How do I find my way in

There are two principal ways of finding what you're looking: 1) searching and 2) browsing the vine. You can either use quick search or advanced search. The search panel allows you to decide what kind of items you're searching for, i.e. products, brands, users, shops or tribes. In advanced search, you can also filter the results, so that you get for instance products that fit to certain type or activity. Browsing on the other hand allows you to pick products, brands and tribes that fit into the certain category or activity.

How do I create product?

Just click "product" under "create new" menu and you'll get a dialog allowing you to either copy existing product or to create a new empty product. If you copy the product the information fields will be pre-populated by the information from the original product, thus you need to edit the information and remove inaccurate information prior to committing a ready product. If, you create an entirely new product you need to select the activities and fill in the information fields.

How do I create a brand?

You can either click "brand" under "create new" menu or create a new product whose brand isn't in the system yet. Just type in the brand name and fill in appropriate fields to the extent you know and you'll be done.

How do I follow a brand?

Just go to the brand page you're interested in and click "add to favorites" button. You can find the brands you're interested in either by searching the brand directly, or searching a product of a brand and getting to the brand page through that product.

What are tribes?

Tribes are a group of people with similar interests. There are tribes that are created by the administrators around activities and such tribes that are created by our users around the activities they select. Tribes can be either open for all users or closed, i.e. the access is granted only to those who have been invited.

How do I join to tribe?

Search a tribe you're interested in. From a tribe page you'll find "join the tribe" button. By pressing it, you'll join the tribe. This being said not all the tribes are open. There are also such tribes that require an invitation. To such tribes, the tribe administrator has to invite you. In those cases, the invitation has the instructions for joining.

How do I create a tribe?

Just click "tribe" under "create new" and give the tribe name to the dialog that appears. In addition to that you need to define the activities and you're done. At the moment, you can only create open tribes, i.e. everyone can join your tribe, the closed tribes, i.e. such tribes that require an invitation, will be added shortly.

The competition


To make the rules, from legal perspective as straight forward as possible, it's simple; the best will be rewarded. We decide who it is and what we give. There's one exception, our own employees cannot participate in the competition and thus they cannot receive any of the prizes. Furthermore, it's up to us to decide not to give anything. However following principles, without obligation, will be applied:

* Each month we will select the ten best contributing users, based on their previous month's point increase, and assess the quality of their contributions. The best quality contributor will be selected as the winner. Quality depends on, not just the quality of content contributions, but such measures as the activity levels and quality of invited users.

* Winners will be announced in our site as well as in our blog, facebook and twitter. The same applies the prizes of upcoming month's competition.

* The winner will receive a package of valuable gear. The value of this package will exceed a hundred euro. We try to make it as attractive as possible, but we're dependent on our partners on this. In fact we're aiming at much higher value, especially in the longer run. We will be occasionally rewarding runner-up and other users as well.

* While we try to accommodate the wishes of winners, both in terms of type of gear as well as sizes, we cannot guarantee anything. If we're rewarding more than one user, the winner gets to choose first and others will receive what's left.

* The items will be delivered using traditional ground mail. Winners can, at their cost, order faster or more secure delivery methods, such as UPS, DHL or similar parcel services. While we do our best for prompt and accurate delivery, we don't guarantee the delivery, or promise to recover lost items.


Why do want to know my brand owner affiliations, such as sponsors and employers?

We want to make sure that all our users can get as objective product information as possible. Therefore it is important that the possible affiliations that could affect the opinion of a user are openly expressed. In short we believe in openness.

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Win free gear

Win Free Gear!

It's very simple, you contribute your knowledge of gear in form of reviews, product details, new products etc. and we reward the best knowledge. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • 1) Sign-up
  • 2) Contribute your knowlede
    - Produt reviews
    - Ratings and thumbs
    - Missing details
    - New products, brands, tribes, shops
  • 3) Be one of the first to hit the targets
    - High quality reviews
    - Detailed products
    - Invited and signed up users
  • 4) Stand out the crowd
    - Better score
    - Better quality contributions
    - Active invited friends
    - Better feedback
  • 5) Get loads of free gear

So, what are you waiting for? , start contributing and get the free gear now! More information about prizes and the full competition rules are here.

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