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Prizes for Win Free Gear! competition

Partly due to the success of our reviewers' competition we started a new competition model, which is effective from the 1st of March. Instead of monthly prizes, they are now achievement based. The ones, who full fill their quota of achievements first, will win. Among other things this means more prizes that are better. While some of the prizes are already listed below we may introduce new prizes along the route. As a result there's some room to influence on those too. Please note that if you would like to donate the prize to good cause it's also possible. We either directly donate the money for you, or in case we already have the piece of gear in stock, put it on eBay and donate the actioned value.

While reviews are obvious achievements, we decided to put up a few others as well. Here's the list of achievements:

  • A high quality review of a product
  • Two new products with a good short description, long description and as complete product details as possible
  • Get a new user involved and signed up into Tribevine, we'll count both the users through invitations as well as shared links (using either FB or Twitter buttons, or a link available through share button)

Prizes: first 15 with ten new reviews

It's like the reviewers' competition. Be one of the 15 users who've done 10 high quality reviews and choose one of these prizes:

Prizes: first 3 with 50 new achievements

Be one of the first 3 who have completed 50 new achievements and increased their score by 50 000 points and choose one of these prizes:

Prizes: first with 100 achievements

Be the first, who have completed 100 new achievements and increased your score by 150 000 points and you'll get to choose a prize worth of approximately 500€. The selection of prizes will be announced later on.

Tips and tricks for getting points

While in principle it's very straight forward; each activity within our system is rewarded with points; there are a few tricks as well. To help you out on the quest towards more valuable prizes, we've collected a few of them below:

  • Share a link either using the FB or Twitter button directly, or using the link that you'll get using "share link" button. Each time someone comes to our site through that link, you'll get a point. If that someone signs up, you'll get a lot more points.
  • Invite other users into the system. While each invitation gives you a small amount of points, you'll get plenty if that someone signs up.
  • Write good reviews that are valued by our most experienced users. While each thumb-up rewards you with points, there's a trick, if the thumb is given by high level user, you'll a lot more points. The same applies to discussion topics.
  • Thumb-up other users reviews and discussion topics when ever they're good. Usually, they tend to get interested in yours and will thumb up if they're good.
  • Finetune the details of existing products. Each of the improvements will reward you with points. Especially high quality changes to the short and long descriptions are worthy ones.
  • Create new products. Each creation gives you points, more detailed you are with the product details more you'll get. Try adding some high quality product images and hotspots to those images as well.

Prizes – Previous months

  • 1 * Petzl Meteor 3 helmet (see details: Tribevine / Petzl)
  • 1 * Petzl Vizion face shield (see details: Tribevine / Petzl)
  • 1 * Pair of Petzl Ascension ascenders (see details: Tribevine / Petzl)
  • 1 * Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit (see details: Tribevine / Petzl)
  • 1 * 16cm Black Diamond Express ice screw (see details: Tribevine / Black Diamond)
  • 1 * 10cm Black Diamond Express ice screw (see details: Tribevine / Black Diamond)
  • 2 * Petzl Ice Flute (see details: Tribevine / Petzl)
  • 10 * Edelrid Ropetooth Knives (see details: Tribevine / Edelrid)
  • 3 * Stubai Mountaineering Trekking Universal limited edition Whiteline crampons (see details: Tribevine / Stubai)
  • 1 * A five pack of the latest of the latest, Petzl Ange Finesse quickdraws (see dtails: Tribevine / Petzl)
  • 1 * Blue Ice Choucas ultralight harness, the ultra-light full feature touring harness weighing only 170g (see details: Tribevine / Blue Ice)
  • 10 * Stubai's Atomy carabiners, the lightest carabiner that's rated 26kN breaking strength (see details: Tribevine / Stubai)
  • 10 * Pairs of Stubai's just out Eternal gloves - full finger (see details: Tribevine / Stubai)
  • 3 * Big Chalk chalk back from Shelby, the made to measure extreme clothing manufacturer (see details: Tribevine / Shelby)
  • 3 * First Aid Light from Ortovox (see details: Tribevine / Ortovox)

Competition Rules

To make the rules, from legal perspective as straight forward as possible, it's simple; the best will be rewarded. We decide who it is and what we give. There's one exception, our own employees cannot participate in the competition and thus they cannot receive any of the prizes. Furthermore, it's up to us to decide not to give anything. However following principles, without obligation, will be applied:

  • 1) Each month we will check out who have met each of the quotas above. We will inspect their contributions and achievements. If those are high enough quality, they will be eligible for the prizes above.
  • 2) Winners will be announced in our site as well as in our Blog, Facebook and Twitter.
  • 3) The winners will get to choose their gear from the prize list above. We try to make prizes as attractive as possible, but we're dependent on our partners on this. We will be occasionally rewarding runner-up and other users as well.
  • 4) While we try to accommodate the wishes of winners, both in terms of type of gear as well as sizes, we cannot guarantee anything. If we're rewarding more than one user, the winner gets to choose first and others will receive what's left.
  • 5) The items will be delivered using traditional ground mail. Winners can, at their cost, order faster or more secure delivery methods, such as UPS, DHL or similar parcel services. While we do our best for prompt and accurate delivery, we don't guarantee the delivery, or promise to recover lost items.
Win free gear

Win Free Gear!

It's very simple, you contribute your knowledge of gear in form of reviews, product details, new products etc. and we reward the best knowledge. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • 1) Sign-up
  • 2) Contribute your knowlede
    - Produt reviews
    - Ratings and thumbs
    - Missing details
    - New products, brands, tribes, shops
  • 3) Be one of the first to hit the targets
    - High quality reviews
    - Detailed products
    - Invited and signed up users
  • 4) Stand out the crowd
    - Better score
    - Better quality contributions
    - Active invited friends
    - Better feedback
  • 5) Get loads of free gear

So, what are you waiting for? , start contributing and get the free gear now! More information about prizes and the full competition rules are here.

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