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Sigma Sport

Sigma Sport BC 1606L DTS Wireless

In short

SIGMA’s top model for the most demanding, even at night.
Brand: Sigma Sport
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www: Sigma Sport BC 1606L DTS Wireless


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Other Product Specifications

Variations: Standard / Cadence

Detailed description

The BC 1606L DTS wireless provides a better overview of the essential information during a ride by hiding the total accumulated functions and cadence if not installed. The backlight gives optimal readability of this information even in the dark. An integrated storage chip prevents the loss of set values during battery change as features such trip section counter, timer, and second wheel size are programmable. Cadence is available for both computers optionally. The complete set is equipped with a digital radio sensor and wireless cadence set. The receiver is integrated into the bike computer.

General functions
  • Wireless transmission of 100% digitally coded
  • data segments
  • Language setting, 7 languages
  • LCD backlight
  • Low battery indicator
  • Backup function/through saving chip
  • Two wheel sizes adjustable
  • Clock and model name in standby
Bike functions
  • Actual speed
  • Average speed
  • Comparison of actual and average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Trip distance Programmable trip section counter
  • Total distance bike 1
  • Total distance bike 2
  • Total distance bike 1+2
  • Actual cadence
  • Average cadence
Time functions
  • Clock Stop watch
  • Riding time
  • Total riding time - bike 1
  • Total riding time - bike 2
  • Total riding time - bike 1+2
  • Programmable time meter (countdown timer)

Pros and cons

  • Features (1 vote)
  • Lightweight (1 vote)
  • Price (1 vote)
  • Tool needed for changing transmitter battires (1 vote)



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Reviews (Top 3 rated)

User Image

Sigma 1606L DTS is a great wireless bike computer. The wireless transmission works well, you have a option to use it on two different bikes, is durable and it has all the features you could imagine... ok, it's not a GPS, but all the features of wireless bike computer. Even a display light for night use. Plus it's very light.

The only product con really is that you need special tool for changing the battery of transmitters (no need for special tools for computer unit itself). This is not a big issue though as you don't need to change those transmitter batteries very often. The non product con is the price, it's pretty expensive.

  • Features
  • Lightweight
  • Tool needed for changing transmitter battires
  • Price
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