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Praxis Skis

Praxis Skis RX

In short

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, or a more
versatile ski to take out on those marginal days, but something that
still rips in the deep powder.
Brand: Praxis Skis
Type Of Gear:
www: Praxis RX


Lengths: 179 / 189 cm
Running Lengths:
Tip Width: 141 mm
Waist Width: 116 mm
Tail Width: 128 mm
Tip Lengths:
Tail Lengths:

Technical specifications

Sizes: 179 / 189
Weight Per Pair:
Turn Radius: 28 / 32 m


Core Construction:
Running Surface:


Start & End of availability:
Made in:

Product Identification

Manufacturer Product ID:

Other Product Specifications

Flex Index: 7
Molding: 1/3 Tip Rocker, 1/4 Tail Rocker, Low Camber

Detailed description

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, or a more versatile ski to take out on those marginal days, but something that still rips in the deep powder. Let me save you a little decision making: You want this ski! The RX is a traditional all mountain powder twin, with a touch of rocker in the tip transitioning gently into underfoot camber, and then again into tail rocker. The tips and tails blend a very minor but progressive early taper into the sidecut shape to free up the ski for enhanced performance in a variety of conditions, but for the most part this is a full sidecut ski and that makes the RX very stable on edge. Complimented by the stiff flex pattern underfoot, while a medium flex tip and tail give the ski a personality tame enough for everyday riding, but tough enough for everyday shredding. The ski has been said to have transitioned easily from carving, locked in on the edge, to slarving, sliding the ski on edge in an arc. The RX is the combo ski that floats in the powder, carves down the mountain, and more recent tests have found the ski to be very stable at high speeds. The RX has seen only slight revisions from past models and is available again in 2011 with the addition of a 169 cm length.

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