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Petzl Attache 3D

In short

Ultra light compact pear shaped carabiner.
Brand: Petzl
Type Of Gear:
www: Petzl Attache 3D
Warranty: 3 years

Carabiner Strength

Gate Closed: 22 kN
Gate Open: 6 kN
Minor Axis: 7 kN

Technical specifications

Weight: 55 g
Certifications: CE EN 362, EN 12275 types B & H / UIAA
Gate Opening: 22 mm
Locking Mechanism: Screw Lock
Materials: Aluminum 7075


Clear Clip Nose: Yes

Look and feel

Color: One Color


Start & End of availability:
Made in:

Product Identification

Manufacturer Product ID:

Other Product Specifications

Instructions: Technical Notice
Size: One Size

Detailed description

The original mini-HMS carabiner has been redesigned to be ultralight. Through a series of scientific calculations the ATTACHE 3D has been reduced to a mere 55 g by removing all unnecessary material while maximizing the strength. The new 3D shape offers the versatility of the original ATTACHE for use in a wide variety of situation while reducing the mass and increasing the gate open strength. The rope bearing surfaces have been optimized to balance fluidity with a minimum of excess weight. Overall the ATTACH 3D combines the versatility of a mini-HMS carabiner in a compact, light frame for fast and light adventures.

  • 3D frame is 37 % lighter and 15 % thinner
  • Gru-V locking sleeve offers better grip
  • Fluid gate design reduces the chance for slings or webbing to catch on the gate or locking sleeve
  • Keylock system offers ease of use with webbing and slings
  • Available in SCREW-LOCK system only (with lock indicator)

Pros and cons

  • Good build quality (1 vote)
  • Light (1 vote)
  • Looks good (1 vote)
  • Smooth operation (1 vote)
  • Weight (1 vote)
  • Easily undone (1 vote)



Overall rating:

(3 votes) 4.6
Your rating:

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Juho Risku Juho Risku
Score: 304478
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Chris Holloway Chris Holloway
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Sandy Sneddon Sandy Sneddon
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My opinion

Product quality:
5.0 (4 votes)
Product value:
4.3 (4 votes)
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Reviews (Top 3 rated)

User Image

Petzl Attache 3D is light bright colored screw gate carabiner. It has a large gate opening and is wide enough for tying hitches etc. with ease. The gate operation is smooth and the surface of gate screw is textured enough to provide good grip even in icy conditions.

  • Light
  • Looks good
  • Good build quality
User Image

Have initially tried it as a safety loop biner only. It quickly got upgraded to serve as my belay carabiner of choice. By far the lightest; given quoted specs as strong as necessary without compromising on safety.

One part I adore is the smooth operation of the gate and lock itself. Must note that as easily it is to do up, and unscrews just as easily; keep this in mind when building anchors!

  • Weight
  • Smooth operation
  • Easily undone
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