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Mammut Galaxy

In short

As a mainstay in the Mammut line for ten years, the Galaxy 10mm Climbing Rope has become a favourite all-around rope of climbers everywhere. Mammut gave the Galaxy a middle mark for quick and easy rappels and ultrasonic-sealed rope ends to completely prevent sheath slippage. Strong enough to stand up to the abuse of sport climbing and light enough for long alpine routes, the Galaxy is a truly versatile rope.
Brand: Mammut
Type Of Gear:
www: Mammut Galaxy
Available Pre-cut Lengths: 50 / 60 / 70 m
Rope Norm Compliancy: Single

Technical specifications

Rope Diameter: 10 mm
Weight: 66 g/m
Impact Force: 9.2 kN
UIAA fals minimum: 8
UIAA fals average:
UIAA fals maximum: 9
Elongation - First Drop: 30 %
Elongation - Static 80kg: 7 %
Sheath Proportion: 36 %
Sheath Slippage: 0 mm


Coatings: SuperDry
Unicore rope:


Maximum Lifetime:
Maximum Storage Time:
Maximum Usage Time:

Look and feel

Colors: Grey (Duodess braid pattern)


Start & End of availability:
Made in:

Product Identification

Manufacturer Product ID: 2010-01330

Other Product Specifications

Color: Orange
Size: 60

Detailed description


  • Most durable 10 mm rope
  • Very compact rope construction
  • One of the classics of the Mammut ropes
  • Core with 12 inlays
  • 40 clappers

Pros and cons

  • Durability (1 vote)
  • Excellent build quality (1 vote)
  • Price (1 vote)



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Reviews (Top 3 rated)

User Image

The Galaxy was my first Mammut rope and served me well in the formative years of sport and trad single pitch. It feels very nice to use and the SuperDry coating makes it a joy to handle - it plays out smoothly and takes falls very nicely.

It is quite stiff and so doesn't feel as nice as some to tie in with (not there's any problem with the knots or tying them), but it has worn incredibly well and despite years of abuse shows relatively few sign of wear or fuzzing.

For redpointing or thrashing around crags this is definitely a good rope to use, it has all the trademarks of Mammut quality but that also comes with the price tag and this is where the rope is let down a little. There are certainly comparable ropes out there for less and if you are looking purely for a rope to haul through/round/over the local flora and fauna then I would perhaps look to buy something cheaper.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Durability
  • Price
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