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Trango Smooth

In short

A very lightweight carabiner with notchless gates for smooth and snag-free clipping
Brand: Trango
Type Of Gear:
www: Trango Smooth
Variations: Bent Gate / HMS Screwlock / Screwlock / Straight Gate / Wire Gate

Carabiner Strength

Gate Closed: 24 kN / 23 kN (Smooth HMS)
Gate Open: 8 kN
Minor Axis: 8 kN / 10 kN (Smooth HMS)

Technical specifications

Weight: 43g / 85g / 48g / 37g / 30g
Gate Opening: 25mm / 22mm / 17mm / 43mm / 36mm
Locking Mechanism:


Clear Clip Nose:

Look and feel



Start & End of availability:
Made in:

Product Identification

Manufacturer Product ID:

Other Product Specifications

Dimensions: 99mm x 56mm / 111mm x 73mm (Smooth HMS)
Price: $10.95 / $15.95 / $12.95 / $10.95 / $9.95

Detailed description

Notchless carabiners are great, but until the Smooth showed up, they've all been well over 50gm and very old school. The Smooth Straight and Bent Gates weigh in at 40gm each making for a very light and very smooth clipping experience. Beautifully forged with smooth lines and a smooth gate action. The notchless gate makes for easy clipping and snag-free operation.

A classic by any other name, the Smooth Wire Gate may be the best all 'round carabiner we make. Smooth enough for sport climbing, light enough so it doesn't hold you back on an alpine climb, use the Smooth Wire Gate just about anywhere. The wire gate resists gate flutter and whiplash so you can use it confidently just about anywhere. Note: The Smooth Wire Gate is a traditional notched design.

The Smooth HMS could be the ultimate belay 'biner. With the notchless nose design it is easy and snag-free to get your belay rig on and off your harness' belay loop. A "mid-sized" carabiner the Smooth HMS can be used in a huge variety of situations.

Tipping the scales at a mere 48gm, the Smooth Screwlock is a new weapon in your trad climbing arsenal. Carry them on your shoulder runners, extendible draws and as extras on your harness, these carabiners will make any climbing situation safer and more secure. The notchless design makes them very easy to manipulate around tensioned webbing and tight spots

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