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NC-17 Sudpin Pedals

In short

NC 17's Sudpin Pedal Series
Brand: NC-17
Type Of Gear:
www: NC-17 Sudpin II Pro CNC
Variations: Sudpin II Pro CNC / Sudpin II S-Pro CNC / Sudpin III S-Pro / Sudpin III Ti S_Pro:

Technical specifications

Pedal System:
Cleat Surfaces:
Pop-up Floating Cage:
Spindle Thread :
Spindle Material:
Weight: 595g / 495g / 399g / 285g
Cage Material:
Pedal Body Material: CNC made aircraft aluminium / CNC made aircraft aluminium / 7075-T6 Aluminum CNC-made / 7075-T6 Aluminum


Cartridge Spindle:
Cleat Retention Indicator:
Cleat Retention Adjuster:
Mud Shedding Design:


Start & End of availability:
Made in:

Product Identification

Manufacturer Product ID: 7020 (black), 7021 (white), 7037 (red) / 7005 / 7022 (black), 7023 (white), 7024 (24), 7038 (green) / 7041 (black), 7042 (polished silver)

Other Product Specifications

Sizes: 95x99x25mm / 95x99x20mm / 90x90x15mm / 90x90x15
Axle Material: Chromoly / Chromoly / Chromoly / Titanium
Color: Black, White, Red / Black / Black, White, Red, Green / Black, Polished silver
Inner Bearing: Sealed ball bearings / Sealed precision cartridge bearings / Sealed precision cartridge bearings / Precision bearing

Detailed description

Sudpin II Pro CNC:

Here comes the little brother of the Sudpin III pedal. Using ball bearings instead of sealed bearings, the pedal body gained a little height. This made a reduction of the production costs possible though – something you will recognize when you check the retail price of the Sudpin II Pro pedal.
This hits the spot for those guys who are practicing really hard. New for 2009: available in red.
Replacement pins are also included.

Technical facts:
  • CNC-made aircraft aluminium body
  • With sealed ball bearings
  • Colours: black, white, red
  • Weight: 595gram
  • pedal size (LxWxH): 95x99x25mm
  • Replacement pins included
  • Laser engraved

Sudpin II S-Pro CNC:

Sturdy and light platform pedal for demanding duties. We updated the classic Sudpin S-Pro pedals to keep up with the continually evolving Dirt and Freeride styles. Not that there was anything wrong with the old Sudpin but we took into account that not every trick goes quite right first time and designed the new pedal with this in mind. We designed the new Sudpin with additional cross beams to intercept peak bending loads. We’ve also included replacement pins with the pedal because we know you’ll need them!

Technical facts:
  • CNC-made aircraft aluminium body
  • Sealed precision cartridge bearings
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 495gram
  • pedal size (LxWxH): 95x99x20mm
  • Replacement pins included
  • Laser engraved

Sudpin III S-Pro:

Here comes a stable and light platform pedal that works well especially for demanding duties. We updated the classic Sudpin Pro pedals in order to keep up with the continually evolving Dirt and Freeride styles We kept in mind that some tricks take more than one go until they strike while we were designing the new Sudpin. It came out much lighter and also with additional cross beams to intercept peak bending loads. The pedal height is reduced to 15mm now. We also included replacement pins here – because we know you will need them!

Technical facts:
  • Weight: 399 Gram
  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum CNC-made
  • Cr-Mo axle
  • pedal size (LxWxH): 90x90x15mm
  • sealed precision cartridge bearings
  • replacement Pins included
  • laser engraved
  • Colours: black, white, red green

Sudpin III Ti S_Pro:

stiffness to weight.Tuning permitted! Even after ten years, our Sudpin III is in its third generation still our favorite pedal. It was great fun to upgrade it again. It remains a secret how we did this. Looks similar but is in total 101g lighter than his big brother. You got to believe this, but not necessarily understand it.

The following applies to NC-17 pedals delivered with red and black Al-pins:

Important notice for owners of NC-17 pedals delivered with red and black anodized aluminum pins: These pins are delivered free of charge, in addition to the standard items with the pedals and not an official production item. For this reason there cannot be any warranty or guarantee on the fit or function of these parts. In the past we have had too many experiences with home mechanics of ten thumbs who damaged their parts into some irreparable state. However, should you decide to replace the original steel pins with the aluminum items it is essential that you use a Philips screwdriver of size PH2. Any other size, or some blunt and worn old screwdriver will immediately destroy the heads of the pins and we will offer no replacement.

The small white bottle included with your pedals contains a thread locking compound for fixing the pins. Use only a drop on each pin. Thanks. Caution: These pins are special fabrications and do not fit to other NC-17 pedals or those of other producers. No support, no warranty, no replacement!

Technical facts:
  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • CNC-made • axle: Titanium, silver
  • Bearing: precision bearing
  • Colors: polished silver, black
  • Weight: 285 Gram
  • Measure: 90x90x15
  • Laser engraving
  • Identification number
  • Thread locking compound
  • including black and red Al pins (inofficial)

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