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The debt every two-planker owes to Doug Coombs for pioneering steep backcountry skiing is beyond fathomable. The least you can do is strap on his K2 Coomback Ski and explore the mountains with the boundless enthusiasm he seeded into the sport.
Brand: K2
Type Of Gear:
www: K2 COOMBAck


Lengths: 167, 174, 181, 188 cm
Running Lengths:
Tip Width: 135 mm
Waist Width: 102 mm
Tail Width: 121 mm
Tip Lengths:
Tail Lengths:

Technical specifications

Weight Per Pair: 1800g (174cm)
Turn Radius: 22m (174cm)


Core Construction:
Running Surface:


Start & End of availability:
Made in:

Product Identification

Manufacturer Product ID:

Other Product Specifications

Color: One Color
Size: 188cm

Detailed description

Named for the late Doug Coombs, the all-terrain K2 COOMBAck skis are a testament to the ski legend's years of guiding and revolutionary extreme skiing. Balanced flex pattern and generous 102mm waists create excellent flotation and easy handling on steep slopes and difficult snow conditions. All-terrain rocker features elevated tips that float through powder snow with ease; traditional camber under foot ensures good power and edge hold on firm snow. Fir/aspen wood cores produce a natural flex, allowing the skis to achieve full contact with the snow throughout the turn. Triaxial braiding wraps an interlocking fiberglass weave around the wood cores; results in torsional stiffness, responsive turning and sensitivity. Tips and tails feature a weave of carbon to improve responsiveness and edge grip without adding much weight. Cap construction envelops the cores and internal materials with the top layers of the skis, keeping overall weight light and durability high. Progressive sidecut produces different curve shapes along different parts of the skis-more aggressive in the tips, less aggressive in the tails. The progressive sidecut results in confident, quick turn initiation in hard snow and easy release in crud and powder. Powder tips place the widest point of the skis further back than on other K2 skis, making the skis more stable and predictable in variable snow conditions. Top sheets feature a hydrophobic material similar to what is used on the bases to prevent snow from sticking and building up while you're skinning. Adventure-series skis feature flat tails so you can easily plunge your skis into firm snow when building anchors or staking out a tent. Holes drilled in the tips and tails facilitate building a rescue sled or constructing a ski anchor.

Performance: 50% Poweder / 50% Variable
Sizes: 167, 174, 181, 188 
Radius: 22m @ 174
Construction: Triaxial Braided, Cap, Fir/Aspen
Weight: 1800g
Features: Powder Tip, Progressive Sidecut, SnoPhobic Topsheet, Carbon Web, Tip and Tail Holes, Pre-Cut Skins Available 

Pros and cons

  • Flexibility (1 vote)
  • Good quality (1 vote)
  • Lightweight (1 vote)
  • Performance on powder (1 vote)
  • Flexibility (1 vote)
  • Performance on icy hardpack (1 vote)



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Reviews (Top 3 rated)

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COOMBAck is said to be one of the best off piste oriented allround skis. I can easily join to the crowd of Coomback praisers.

Coombacks can be said to be fat (102mm under foot). They are designed to be well performing ski but still as lightweight as possible. Because of this they don't have any kind of metal coating to give extra stiffness (and extra weight). With full rocker tip and good flexibility they float very well on soft snow and are easy and pleasure to ride. However, on harder surfaces the lack of stiffness shows up. The skis become a bit lively and riding them on hardpack needs more strength than stiffer skis do. This is not a big problem if you have muscle on your legs or keep your speed slow but it is not so enjoyable. Especially when compared to the joy they give when riding on powder the performance on icy hardpack is poor. On non-icy hardpack they still ski pretty well and are enjoyable if you have enough strength.

All in all, Coombacks are almost perfect skis for off piste/touring oriented skiers, who occasionally skis on piste and want skis that are easy to ride. If you are skiing more on piste(=more hardpack) there are better skis on the market.

I have the 10/11 model. Newer 11/12 model has some carbon fiber coating to give more stiffness so they might behave a bit differently. However, based on what I have read, they are still pretty much the same skis as older ones.

  • Lightweight
  • Performance on powder
  • Flexibility
  • Good quality
  • Flexibility
  • Performance on icy hardpack
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