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Stubai Mountaineering

Stubai Mountaineering Atomy

Stubai Mountaineering Atomy

In short

Weighing in at just 60g, our ATOMY is one of the world’s lightest screw-gate karabiners. We could have gone even lighter with an aluminium castor, but we couldn’t compromise on the top performance of brass. In a 26 kN Norm breaking strain test, this model cleans up against other karabiners in the same class. Nothing as light and small can touch the strength of the ATOMY.?
Brand: Stubai Mountaineering
Type Of Gear:
www: Stubai Atomy

Carabiner Strength

Gate Closed: 26 kN
Gate Open: 10 kN
Minor Axis: 8 kN

Technical specifications

Weight: 60 g
Certifications: CE EN 12275, EN 362, UIAA 121
Gate Opening: 16 mm
Locking Mechanism: Screwgate
Materials: AL-7075, with brass screw


Clear Clip Nose: Yes

Look and feel

Color: Red


Start & End of availability:
Made in: Austria

Product Identification

Manufacturer Product ID: 974285

Detailed description

  • Easylock lock
  • Brass screw
  • High strength
  • Light
  • Small and handy
  • Anodized?

Pros and cons

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Reviews (Top 3 rated)

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I have to say my first impression is "solid". They feel great, one problem for me with lightweight screwgates has been that they don't feel strong enough. This karabiner is billed my Stubai as being one of the lightest screwgates out there. At 60g there are several lighter than it, the DMM Phantom, and Black Diamond vaporlock to name 2. However having held both of them neither feel as good as the Stubai Atomy. Stubai themselves have been a company I have never seen much of, they aren't widely available in the UK, however in Europe they are much bigger, and with products like the Atomy it's easy to say why. Stubai make the point that they could have made this karabiner lighter:

"We could have gone even lighter with an aluminium castor, but we couldn’t compromise on the top performance of brass"

The Atomy is also much stronger in tests that the lighter karabiners out there, making it a good choice for people like me who enjoy having lighter kit, but also enjoy the reassurance of strong kit! The Atomy has an anti snag nose, a smooth screwgate action, and is anodised red (which just looks cool!).

Technical data:

Breaking strain 26 kN / 8 kN / 10 kN
Gate clearance 16 mm
Exterior dimensions 101 x 54 mm
Weight 60 g
Tested to Norm CE EN 12275, EN 362, UIAA 121

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