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Grivel Quantum Tech

Grivel Quantum Tech
Grivel Quantum Tech
Grivel Quantum Tech
Grivel Quantum Tech

In short

The ultimate axe for technical climbers with aerospace grade composite. Hot forged head in chromolly steel: no compromise over quality because forging internal microstructure can be oriented to improve strength, and internal defects or porosity are minimized. Available with shovel or hammer.
Brand: Grivel
Type Of Gear:
www: Grivel Quantum Tech
Variations: Shovel / Hammer


Length: 50 cm

Technical specifications

Weight: 540 g
Grip Material: Rubber
Head Material:
Pick Material: Hot-forged steel
Pick Strength Rating: 400 kg, T
Pick Type: changeable + reverse positive
Shaft Material: Carbon aluminium composite
Shaft Strength Rating: 280 kg, B
Shaft Type: Bent, leashless


Removable Pick Weights:

Look and feel

Color: Black + Yellow


Start & End of availability:
Made in:

Product Identification

Manufacturer Product ID: PIQUAT

Other Product Specifications

Producer Category: Ice Climbing Axe
Size: 50cm

Detailed description

The ultimate axe for technical climbers, Grivel's Quantum Tech Ice Axe is a superlight technical tool made with aerospace grade composite.

Pros and cons

  • Excellent build quality (1 vote)
  • Excellent design (1 vote)
  • Good build quality (1 vote)
  • Great materials (1 vote)
  • Light (1 vote)
  • Secure placements (1 vote)
  • Hot forged picks (1 vote)



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(2 votes) 5.0
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Reviews (Top 3 rated)

User Image

I really like all of Grivel's products, I find them innovative and stylish as well as being of great standard. These axes, I found last winter, were great to climb with. They are light, comfortable, strong and feel awesome. They are great for ice routes, but the hot forged picks are not to be used for dry tooling.

I do most of my mountaineering in Scotland where the routes are mixed and not limited to pure ice, so the innability to torque the pick is a problem. The hot forged metal used for the pick is not suitable to be bent in a torquing fashion as it would snap.......not something you want happening. There will be people who dis-agree with me....but this is after all only my opinion.

In summary: great tool for ice, but not suitable for mixed scottish climbing.

  • Great materials
  • Excellent build quality
  • Stylish
  • Hot forged picks
User Image

I had the chance to try a friends pair and was simply amazed. The swing felt natural and effortless. The grip was comfortable. They are a bit shorter than my regular tool (BD cobras). For the price, these tools are unbeatable.

User Image

Bought these last winter, and I have to say I just love them! Having a pair of good axes made climbing so much more effortless.
The carbon composite shaft makes the axe incredibly light and easy to handle (not to mention decreasing the weight of your backpack). Compared to these other axes seem impossibly weighty. The head is pretty heavy compared to the shaft though so the axe swings really nice and smooth when climbing. Being this light, the axe is also suitable for girls like me with less muscle mass:) I use them with Grivel Triggers, makes them pretty much perfect. The yellow plastic thingy at the bottom of the handle is also big enough to protect your fingers from being smashed on the ice which tends to happen to me with other axes. One of the downsides is that the shaft and the handle can get a bit slippery, especially if there's snow between your hand and the shaft. And someone said the hammer is way too small, but that hasn't bothered me yet. I can honestly recommend these to anyone!

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