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Punishers are very comfortable and surprisingly warm gloves. They keep fingers dry even in extremely wet conditions and have pretty good dexterity. However, they are very very week. This was a huge disappointment after having used BD:s Enforcers for a couple seasons (and still using!) with only small wear problems and a big smile on my face.
After six climbing days I have got tear and wear on both of my Punisher glove. After three climbing days one seam teared from the right hand glove's pinkie. This was still easily fixed with a needle and thread. So, not a big deal. Unfortunately couple more days of use wore a hole in the leather part of the left hand glove's pinkie. This is a bit bigger issue because leather is a much more difficult to repair than fabric seams. Note that I haven't used these gloves for fast rappelling which I have been doing with my Enforcers couple of times.

As many others, I also noticed that when they get wet it takes some time to dry them out, which can be a problem if sleeping outdoors. The wrist strap has also a bit weird design.

After my experiences I can't recommend these gloves to anyone. Even though they are good gloves to climb with you will lose lots of money if you have to buy a new pair of 70€ gloves for almost every climbing trip you make.

  • Dexterity
  • Comfortable
  • Very week
  • Wrist strap
  • Dries slowly
product image

The dexterity / warmth ratio of Punishers could be better. It's actually surprising how cold they feel. While they provide more dexterity than Enforcers the difference isn't huge. The another problem with Punishers is the fact that they don't stay dry very well + they do not dry up very easily once soaked. While they aren't exactly fragile, I wouldn't describe them as durable either... but this might be just a result of the fact that I've increased my climbing days quite a bit. :-) In any case when it's warm, I'll stick with more dexterious alternatives, whereas in cold warmer ones. The sizing is good one.

  • Good fit
  • Warmth to dexterity ratio
  • Gets wet easily
  • Doesn't dry up easily
product image

the new S1plus has incorperated the " Smart Antenna " which is the first 3 antenna avy transeiver to indicate relative position and distance to victoms with a range up to 55meters. this gives the fastest coupling to any other beacons signal on the market. simply put it makes everybody elses beacon better. this is not a search beacon but a locating device! super easy to learn and actually makes you want to go out and can locate and flag 4 bodies at a time. there is also an automatic switcover in case of a second avalanche. it has an inclinometer built in, and apps and updates available at local Ortovox dealers . simply the fatsest, easiest avy transciever out there. its the only transeiver i would use.

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