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product image

While the positron may not be the lightest quickdraw on the block any more (if it ever was), its budget price and durability more than make up for the weight penalty you experience over newer, sleeker designs.

The two krabs that comprise the business ends of the quickdraw are strong and robust with anti-snag keylock noses, an absolute must have feature in my opinion. They are a good size and should prove no difficulty being used with gloves. The clipping action is smooth and positive. The krabs are differentiated by the lower rope end one having a bent gate and the upper bolt/gear end having a straight gate.

The 14mm dyneema sling that connects the two krabs is a nice balance between thick and thin and can be grabbed relatively easily on a route if the need arises. It is quite well textured, unlike some slippier slings and provides a good level of friction.

For the price these draws are ideal for beginners sport climbing rack and could easily see service for trad too.

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • Good sized sling
  • Weight
product image

Smart really is a smart belay device. It locks automatically both when belaying above as well as belay and offers pretty precise control over the rope. Furthermore the locking action feels very secure especially when belaying from above. Unlike Grigri and most other auto locking belay devices Smart doesn't have many moving parts, thus making it suitable also for icy conditions. The auto locking mechanism works also on rappels and the control over the rope seems precise also ther (this being said, instructions say that one should use prusik backup in any case). Compared to other tube type belay devices Smart is significantly heavier than for instance Reverso 4, however compared to auto locking devices such as reverso it's ligth. One con perhaps would be the fact that Smart is pretty sensitive to rope thickness. As a result you may need two different versions of it, if your rope range varies heavily. Stíll Smart was a really positive surprise.

  • Excellent design
  • Excelent concept
  • Good build quality
  • Auto belay (above + below)
  • Easy to use
  • A bit heavy
  • Limited rope size range
  • Expensive
  • Bulky
product image

Edelir Rage seems to be a good quality ice axe that excels on fairly steep ice. The swing is pretty nice and the stick feels fairly solid. On the negative side they're pretty heavy and I didn't like the fact that shaft above the bottom grip is very slippery (makes the use of upper grip a bit more difficult)... I know there's grip tape that could be improve the grip, but still. Also the ones I've seen had minor quality problem (tip of the pick was filed askew at the factory).

  • Good swing
  • Good stick
  • Build quality
  • Heavy
  • Slipery shaft
  • Finnishing
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