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While the positron may not be the lightest quickdraw on the block any more (if it ever was), its budget price and durability more than make up for the weight penalty you experience over newer, sleeker designs.

The two krabs that comprise the business ends of the quickdraw are strong and robust with anti-snag keylock noses, an absolute must have feature in my opinion. They are a good size and should prove no difficulty being used with gloves. The clipping action is smooth and positive. The krabs are differentiated by the lower rope end one having a bent gate and the upper bolt/gear end having a straight gate.

The 14mm dyneema sling that connects the two krabs is a nice balance between thick and thin and can be grabbed relatively easily on a route if the need arises. It is quite well textured, unlike some slippier slings and provides a good level of friction.

For the price these draws are ideal for beginners sport climbing rack and could easily see service for trad too.

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • Good sized sling
  • Weight
product image

There's not much to say about these ones - they're great and that pretty much it. The shape is great, they have clear clip nose, they're full sized, light and excellent quality both in terms of design and build, they clip well and are easy to grab and keep in place while clipping.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Excellent design
  • Lightweight
product image

I have to be honest, I benefited from a set of these bought as an over generous gift rather than requiring something to match my ability – sadly, that being said, when you put these on you feel like you can climb two grades above your usual.

These shoes inspire confidence and ooze quality. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of comfort, expecting something that would contort my feet into something unrecognizable. Not so. As with all climbing shoes, one mans comfort is another’s torture - I would still advocate that anyone desiring these (while still available) or their replacement to go and try them on. These are definitely precision shoes and if your feet don't fit the Five Ten 'vision' then I wouldn't be surprised if you find these incredibly uncomfortable.

Apparently a sport climbing shoe primarily, I've found these equally at home on longer hauls on trad climbing as well, the flatter sole unit being less aggressive means that they're not as bad to walk or stand around in. The rubber on the sole is everything that has been spoken of, surprisingly durable for something that give so much grip, I have found them excellent in their home territory of small pockets and tiny ledges and they do a fair turn of smearing as well - far better than I was expecting.

I would happily recommend these to anyone looking for a performance shoe that is capable of doing pretty much anything.

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