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Hi All,

I'm Rob, I am a product trainer within outdoor retail, a freelance mountain leader and part-time/wannabe adventurer. Bring on just about any outdoor activity and I will have a go.

I think TribeVine is a very interest concept and i hope it can go from strength to strength. Having a consumer based review site is potentially a very powerful tool that retailers and brands should pay attention to! Lets see how it goes...


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I have been using this rope for a couple of years now as my go-to rope for indoor climbing, single pitch cragging and straight forward ice climbs and it has stood up to the challenge well. The rope is tough and will take a good amount of abuse. There are a couple of draw backs I have found though; It is a bit heavier than some other ropes of the same diameter and it isn't the cheapest around.

The key annoyance though is that it has a tendancy to try and coil into the belay on long abseils or lowers which can get frustrating while trying to abseil in the cold, once the rain has started and you just want to get back off the crag!

A good all rounder but there are one or two ropes that are more than competition for the Flyer.

  • Tough and durable
  • Good design
  • Good build quality
  • Coils a bit...
  • A tad heavy
  • Cost
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If you are into your multi-pitch rock climbing this a rope well worth looking at! Used first as a second it runs beautifully through the belay without getting tangled and/or looped. A common problem with some ropes is the want to coil into the belay as you pay-out or abseil, the Merlin had no such trouble, even when I tried to coil it a bit it would still run smooth.

When climbing it is light and runs easily through krabs, even when friction often becomes too high for other ropes with high angle runner placements. Although stricty a half rope, the narrow 8mm works well for ice if running as a twin. It also come dry treated to protect the rope and keep you expensive life line intact for as long as possible.

At 8mm it may be a bit too slim for some but it still brakes reasonably easy in a belay and I didn't find it too difficult to hold in the hand. If you are looking for a new pair of trad ropes, voila!

  • Smooth Running
  • Excellent build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive... but worth it!
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Like many climbers i know, I don't seem to be a normal size according to many harness manufacturers! If you follow most brands sizing I require a medium waist but large leg loops, otherwise the harness doesn't safely fit! After 6 months of infuriated searching for a new harness I can across this one, perfect!

When you first put it on there is definitely enough adjustability for my supposed funny shape, yet not too much excess webbing when fastened snugly. With the waist being symmetrical the belay loop will stay centralised not matter how large or small you have the waist.

The buckles are something quite special. This harness basically works as a double-back and zip lock harness at the same time. When done up the harness is effectively a standard zip lock harness, brilliant for rock and indoor climbing. However, when winter comes around the buckles can relatively easily be opened up more akin to a old-school buckle, making it much easier to put on when in full winter kit.

The harness is comfy enough. I have worn harnesses that have been a little comfier to hang in but the Quartz CR is comfy enough unless you aim to be hanging for long periods. I am yet to have any issues with fitting enough kit on the gear loops and the harness has a full strength haul loop at the rear when required.

The only downside to the harness is its availability in the UK. Not many shops hold a strong selection from CAMP, however, if you come across one, try and it on while you have the chance, well worth it!

  • Good build quality
  • Good design
  • Adjustability
  • Availability
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